Introduction to Academy - module completed - what's the next step?


The entire course should last approximately 6 hours. This is a Tier 0 level course, so the cost to start this course is 10 cubes. And that's exactly how many cubes I received after completing the previous block - so quite a nice surprise - a free Linux course :D

What does Hack The Box say about this course?

 "Module Summary

Linux is an indispensable tool and system in the field of cybersecurity. Many servers run on Linux and offer a wide range of possibilities for offensive security practitioners, network defenders, and systems administrators. This module covers the essentials for starting with the Linux operating system and terminal.

In this module, we will cover:

  • Linux structure
  • Using the shell
  • Navigating the Linux operating system
  • Working with files and directories
  • Linux administration
  • Service management
  • Permissions management"

This module is structured into sections with practical exercises designed to reinforce the concepts we discuss. At the end of the module, there's a hands-on skills assessment to evaluate your comprehension of the topics covered.

Throughout the module, you'll encounter sample commands and their outputs related to the discussed topics. It's beneficial to replicate as many of these examples as possible to solidify your understanding. You can do this using the provided Pwnbox during interactive sections or your own virtual machine.

Feel free to start and pause the module as needed; you can always resume where you left off. There's no strict time limit or grading system, but completing all exercises and the skills assessment is necessary to earn the maximum number of cubes and mark this module as complete in your chosen paths.

This module is considered 'Fundamental' and assumes minimal prior experience with the Linux operating system. However, it expects users to be familiar with navigating graphical operating systems like Windows.

There are no prerequisites for this module, but it lays the groundwork for many other modules in the Academy. Mastering this module is essential for success as you advance through the Academy and Hack the Box platforms.

 What are we starting?



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