Working with Files and Directories - second part of today's tasks.


What tasks will I encounter this time? I see exactly two.

1. What is the name of the last modified file in the "/var/backups" directory? 

In this case, I probably should change the directory to the correct one. And here the 'cd' command will come in handy - so off I go.

When sorting files by creation time using the command 'ls -l -t', it should arrange the files precisely according to date from newest to oldest. However, what do I see - I don't know why this command sorted the files by creation time and the first file is 'dpkg.status.0', which is not the correct answer to this question. Instead, the next file is 'apt.extended.states.0'. Interesting, maybe someday I'll find out why this is the case - or one of you will guide me to the correct answer.

2. What is the inode number of the "shadow.bak" file in the "/var/backups" directory? 

This should be easy now - after all, I was already looking for this number in the last entry - I'll just take a look at it. I won't bother, so it's time to choose the easier option - 'ls -i shadow.bak', thank you for the result obtained.



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