Three tasks related to user management.



 Today, I have three purely theoretical tasks related to user management ahead of me. Why theoretical? Because they only require a bit of digging into manuals to find the answers.

1. Which option needs to be set to create a home directory for a new user using "useradd" command? 

This task is very simple. All I had to do was enter 'useradd' in the console and review the available options associated with this command.

-m, --create-home             create the user's home directory

2. Which option needs to be set to lock a user account using the "usermod" command? (long version of the option

The second task is similarly straightforward to the first - execution time 30 seconds.

-L, --lock                    lock the user account

3. Which option needs to be set to execute a command as a different user using the "su" command? (long version of the option)   

The third task, a bit more challenging, the question doesn't directly relate to the description obtained by executing the 'su -h' command. However, in the question's content, there was a mention of executing a command as another user, and only the '--command' option is relevant to this.

And that's it for today, it went quickly - about 10 minutes including creating this post. I hope you'll handle those tasks as quickly as I did.





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